• Sales Force Automation with Sales+

    Sales+ is the sales force system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, standing for a unique expertise in sales processes "made by Würth". Our solution broadly represents the experience of our mother house, world leader in direct sales.

  • Vertical enhancements

    Sales+ enhances Dynamics 365 with dedicated features related to the order entry, article search, planning of customer visits, route planning, information about prices and the inventory situation.

  • The best of two worlds

    Get the best of two worlds: Würth Phoenix as your implementation partner combines the technological innovation of Microsoft with our broad know how in Sales Force Automation from Würth. Thousends of supported users already benefit from this unique value proposition.

  • It's easy, powerful ... and successfull

    Using Sales+ this way means linking up the comprehensive functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 - CRM and the integrated Microsoft Office world with the add-ons of Sales+. It's easy to use - your team will be up and running in minutes.