Network Traffic Monitoring with ntop

  • Real-time network control

    Networks are the backbone of IT. Performance problems within your whole infrastructure are hereby particularly evident. ntop as tried-and-trusted open source solution in combination with our nBox offer make sure you never lose sight of your network.

  • A central overview

    ntop allows central and across-system monitoring services of heterogeneous network environments. It indexes performance bottlenecks to be identified and eradicated at an early stage. Your advantage: maximum performance for your network and all correlated applications

  • Out of the box? nBox!

    nBox is your individual appliance with the preinstalled ntop network-monitoring package as passive data collector. If you need to save yourself time-intensive installations of NetFlow software, then nBox is the perfect solution for you. 

  • Identify broadband gluttons

    ntop automatically identifies which applications are generating the traffic, without the need to adopt complicated filters. It gives you a detailed overview of statistics relating to subnetworks, systems, flow matrices, geo-localizations and lots more.