NetEye Advanced (WPN4-ADV) - Online Training


  • NetEye Advanced training modules to learn advanced concepts behind the tool and how do use it.


Make participants able to: 

  • handle with main advanced features (e.g. Advanced configuration and rules)
  • understand which can be the proper NetEye functionality to face a particular situation

Required knowledge 

  • Network and monitoring knowledge
  • Knowledge of all NetEye4 Fundamental Training topics

Getting ready for the training 

Please take a look at the following FREE online material in order to get ready for the training: 

Target group

  • future NetEye users dealing with it on a daily basis or frequently
  • future "Administrator" NetEye users
  • IT administrators, who are using NetEye 4 or who are planning to implement it

Date and Location

  • from 9thto 12th October 2023 
  • from 9am to 1 pm
  • Remote training session. Online course that you can access remotely.
  • Examination date: 20th October 2023

Required material

  • Participants need to have their own laptops with a web browser pre-installed (preferably Google Chrome) and an RDP client. Each participant is provided with a NetEye environment. 

Trainer and course language

  • Patrick Zambelli, NetEye Consultant at Würth Phoenix
  • The course will be held in German.
  • The training material and certification exam are always in English


  • Participation: € 1.226 (excl. of VAT)
  • Certification: € 120 (excl. of VAT)


  • NetEye Advanced Engineer Release 4.x Certified




  • pesentations
  • review of the Icingaweb2 web interface
  • review of Director: template Concept Review
  • escalation concept review

NetEye modules overview

  • Overview of all NetEye available modules and extensions based on NetEye Online demo


  • introduction to NEP

Director module

Director Module

  • Concepts command - fields - templates
  • External commands (ITL)
  • Expanding Director: data fields and data list

Extending monitoring

Director Module

  • Extending / create commands
  • Installation of Plugins ( one on neteye, one on windows host )

Director Automation

  • What is the automation and how is it supported by Director?
  • structure of an Import Source
  • database Import Source: importing from NeDi
  • from File Import Source: import from CSV file
  • structure of a Sync Rule
  • using a Sync Rule to create Host Objects
  • using a Sync Rule to integrate Host Objects
  • using a Sync Rule to create Service Objects

Director Basket

  • What is a Basket?
  • restoring the configuration using a Basket
  • import/export of objects using a Basket
  • integration with Baskets of automation (Import/Export processes)

Advanced External Event Processing

  • Tornado: design and structure
  • web interface
  • collectors: receive Email and Trap
  • executors: Archive and Icinga Actions
  • automatic creation of Hosts and Services

Real-time monitoring/ITOA

  • Introduction: what is the benefit of Real time monitoring
  • Telegraf to collect performance data ( certificates and input plugins )
  • Dashboard visualization
  • Simple example of aggreation of data (prepared example to show concept of StarlakGitHub - bazelbuild/starlark: Starlark Language )

Reporting and SLA

  • Icinga Web 2 Reporting Module
  • using Cube to view portions of monitoring
  • creating Availability reports
  • SLM

Designing an escalation process

  • elements of a Structured Escalation Process
  • implementation of a standard escalation process
  • standard structures: Notification Catalog

On-demand Command execution

  • Design of Command Orchestrator module
  • elements of the orchestration process
  • CMDO-compatible agent
  • Remote Action Example

Shutdown Management

  • Design of Shutdown management module
  • elements of the shutdown workflow process
  • Shutdown Action Example

NetEye maintenance

  • NetEye Upgrade

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