Exposure Analysis with OSINT

Required knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Linux systems

Target group

  • Network and system administrators, security analysts, SOC operators

Date and location

  • TBA 
  • Remote training session. Online course that you can access remotely.

Required material

  • Participants need to have their own laptops with a web browser pre-installed (preferably Google Chrome) and an RDP client.

Trainer and course language

  • Massimo Giaimo, Team Leader Cyber Security Solutions at Würth Phoenix
  • The course will be held in Italian.
  • The training material and certification exam are always in English.


  • Participation: € 1.500 (excl. of VAT)


Introduction to Open Source Intelligence

  • historical background and types of sources


  • about a website: 
    • finding out who registered the domain, who is managing the website, where the hosting is located, finding e-mail address and telephone number references, finding correlations with other websites, downloading the whole website and checking it offline, brute force directory.
  • about a domain:
    • DNS records, correlations with other domains, registration of similar domains for cyber criminal activities
  • about an IP-address
  • about ports and services
  • about a CSM-based website
    • verifying the type of CMS, plug-in, templates, post authors 
  • about a person
    • verifying the existence of a nickname 
  • about an e-mail server
    • verifying the reverse record, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, spam list verification 
  • about an e-mail
    • interpretation of the headers
    • prevention and monitoring of Man-in-The-Mail attacks, credit transfer frauds, CEO fraud
  • about an organisation
    • VAT verification, job ads 
  • about an image
    • backwards search, EXIF data

OSINT and brand protection

  • trademark and intellectual property protection

OSINT and web reputation

  • protection of the online reputation

Google search operators

  • Google Dorks, use of SERP


  • anonymous browsing and use of tools


  • monitoring of changes

Data breach

  • sources
  • evaluation of a data breach

Deep web and Dark web

  • introduction to the anonymous networks, dark web and deep web
  • dark market and forum in the dark web
  • Tor and I2P
  • ONION Hidden Services

Recovery of past information

  • Wayback Machine
  • Pastebin

Tips and tricks

  • How to take notes during an OSINT activity?


  • Spiderfoot
  • Maltego
  • FOCA
  • Metagoofil
  • Gitrob
  • GCADMARCRiskScanner
  • DNSRecon
  • dnstwist
  • torbot
  • Photon
  • theHarvester
  • Recon-ng

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